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Forum Marketing

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This is another tactic for expanding your network of contacts. Just as in other social media marketing strategies, you are joining active conversations and offering valuable contributions. Although you will observe people who are obviously self promoting something., everybody will feel the same way you do; Spammer! So that is not the way to go.

You will be an active contributor with a signature file that allows people to find your hub. Please check out the articles on branding or sign up for the attraction marketing explained email report series to understand the importance if this task. If you don’t have your own personal lead capture page offering some generic marketing information… which pulls in more clicks and opt ins than just your regular program page… you may want to think of offering something that educates them, while branding you as a professional marketer at the same time:

Show Them How to Get More Leads For Their Business

ALSO – think outside the box! It doesn’t have to be a “marketing” forum. Find some discussion forums on whatever your hobbies or interests are… and simply have a catchy signature file on your profile like:

“The internet is a goldmine. Are you making money on the net yet?”

And you’ll be able to attract people who have not been exposed to all this yet… nice hot market…

Your Discussion Forums Marketing Cheat Sheet:

1. DO NOT SPAM THE FORUM!!! Don’t just blatantly “pitch” your deal!

2. Uplift, motivate, inspire and EDUCATE others…

3. Don’t know what a topic is all about (List Building, etc…) visit or and use their search feature to find a couple articles on whatever topic you’re looking to discuss… review and jot down some notes… You are now a TEACHER of that subject, because you’ve done your homework and chances are, you know more about that now than 90% of people on the forums… so now you can teach it!

4. It’s a great idea (generates more opt-ins) to have a personal Attraction Marketing Lead Capture Page and your own follow up Autoresponder to attract and build a list from traffic coming from Discussion Forums… that way people see you as a professional. And they don’t just prejudge your system’s lead capture page when they click on your link…

Next best option is to get a generic, training focused prospecting system:

Show Them How to Get More Leads For Their Business

And lead with that… as one of your links on your sig file…

I always used two links in my signature file:

One was direct to my own lead capture page…

The other was direct to my primary program (or any other affiliate link)

The main key is to stay consistent and become a part of the community… That will allow you to have hundreds of posts on a bunch of different topics, all with your links in your signature files… GOLDEN!

Top marketing forums to post your sig file!

Below you will find a BIG list of the best marketing forums on the web.. I highly suggest joining, contributing some very quality ideas and posts at the forum… AND including your signature file in the bottom of each of you posts. This is an incredibly powerful way to make sales and I can’t recommend it enough!

Mike Dillard’s Better Networker Community

Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Community

Warrior Forum

Home Based Business Forum – Mike Filsaime’s Marketing Forum

Anthony Blake Online

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