Eight Keys of Excellence


            We have stated beliefs and values

            We know and understand them

            Our behaviors reflects them


Failure leads to Success

            We are not fearful of making mistakes

            We take time to learn from mistakes and improve our systems

            We believe that failures are opportunities for growth


Speak with Good Purpose

            We speak positively with good intent

            We feel safe to be honest and direct

            We walk our talk

This is It!

            We are focused on our goals and objectives

            We make the most of every moment

            We acknowledge/ accept where we are in good times and challenging times


            We have a clear vision and solidly follow it

            We do whatever it takes to get the job done

            We count on each other to keep our word


            We are accountable for our actions

            We take responsibility naturally

            We see what needs to be done and do it


            We keep goals in view and change strategies easily to reach them

            When something is working, we will try another way (no ego)


Living Above The Line

 Your every action sends messages to others 100% of the time.

 Victor  “I have control”                      Ownership


                                                                         Willingness to take responsibility

                                                                          See what needs to be done and do it


Victim                                            Deny “I am a liar”

”I have no control”                     Lay blame “Its never my fault”

                                                            Justify “I always have an excuse”

                                                            Quitting “I don’t care” opting out

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