Retaining Network Marketing Downline Loyalty: Develop a symbiotic relationship

January 25, 2012
network marketing teams need a symbiotic relationship

This post was inspired by a recent article about businesses taking advantage of their towns and communities without giving back. The article describes how Leaders need to consider what distinguishes their company and what value their business adds to that countries and markets. That same question can be applied to network marketing leaders who are […]

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Why Does Attraction Marketing Work So Well to Build Your Business?

January 21, 2012
How attraction marketing works to build your Network Marketing Business

Let me introduce you to two people; Mike and Michelle. Both are involved in network marketing. Mike just joined this month in fact. They are brand new. Mike follows the company’s system. Mike struggles after two weeks. Michelle follows the company’s system, but she knows that success leaves clues and she searches for successful people. […]

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Increase Your Power to Attract Prosperity

March 14, 2011
attraction marketing begins with mindset

How Attraction Marketing and Law of Attraction can work for Real Estate Agents and Home Based Business Owners In the last 14-plus years as a Law of Attraction business coach,  Dr. Mya Bailey interviewed hundreds of very successful real estate professionals (similar to the Napoleon Hill task).  Bailey was able to ask them the secret […]

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Networking: Large Contact List Helps Your Business Grow

March 9, 2011
networking is critical for network marketers

Effective networking is a learned skill. It is also a key driver in your professional career, and personal life. Before I dive into this topic, I want to highlight David Broder as an example. Broder passed away recently and coverage of his death always mentioned his journalism talent. What makes an effective journalist is their […]

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Lead Generation Banners: How to Do it Yourself

March 7, 2011
Attraction marketing advertising strategy

Whether you are using an opt-in form, or banner display to advertise your products or services, banner advertising has its usefulness. The problem is being creative enough and then technical enough to create your own banners. First, you can create an idea file for the types of ads you see that appeal to you or […]

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Three Ways to Tap into The Power of Social Media

March 1, 2011
attraction marketing traffic strategies

Getting traffic to your business through internet marketing typically falls into three categories. From paid search, content marketing (articles, documents, ebooks), and social media, they all have their benefits. This post will focus on social media. Although I do believe there is some overlap between social media and content marketing. You can think that social […]

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Attraction Marketing Tenet: Treat Your Subscribers Well, Your Customers Better

February 22, 2011
attraction marketing is excellent for MLM success and downline loyalty

The key point to any attraction marketing method is to create a bond to your subscribers and customers through valuable content, offers, and potentially discounts on future orders. The premise is that you are offering something that is answering the question right to the point that is in the mind of your target audience, “what […]

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Attraction Marketing Systems: The Secret to Accelerated Growth is Having a System

February 14, 2011

Back in the day when I was a kid, at any given time McDonald’s  signs would say “__ billion served.” McDonald’s would change the sign after every 5 billion and it seemed that number was changing all the time. In 1993 the signs started displaying “Over 99 billion served” because there wasn’t enough room on […]

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Social Network Marketing Strategies For Business

February 12, 2011
network marketing using social media sites

Social network marketing has become quite the trend amongst marketers looking to promote their businesses online. We have covered this topic before on our Bozeman local internet marketing blog. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have made it easy for eager entrepreneurs to hop on the internet and network with people from around […]

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Online Lead Generation: The Right and Wrong Ways

January 31, 2011
Become a person that people are drawn to when they look for leadership

We just celebrated ten years of internet marketing with one of the businesses I am affiliated with in Bozeman. Understanding how the internet has changed since 2000, and how we have embraced new ways to market our business has been very fulfilling. The same secrets we have learned in ecommerce also applies to affiliate marketing […]

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