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Hey, before I share my story I’d like to thank you for checking out my blog. You will find some interesting topics that cover some of the ways people are developing a really simple marketing strategy to build successful businesses online as well as offline. .You will learn through my posts and email courses all the ins and outs about how to make money online and avoid scams.

Do you want to reach success? The key way to do so is by consistently looking toward a vision of a more powerful future. This web site is intended to be educational in nature as well as inspirational in spirit. Please feel free to browse the contents and enjoy the ride. Without this blog, I’d be continuing to collect the information in notebooks and sharing it with only those interested entrepreneurs I see in person. So, thank you.  Please subscribe and enjoy the tips, tricks, and secrets that will be shared over time. This blog will focus on attraction marketing, branding, and applications to all types of businesses. You can check out the blog for marketing concepts and tips for retail and affiliate marketing.

What some people may know about Brian Metzger…

Well, you already know my name and my marketing blog. But you might also know me from or, or , because there is no better thing than multiple streams of income.  Over the past five years, we learned so much about what works and what does not work when it comes to marketing online. The posts give you snippets about what is working now for some of the best internet marketers in business today.

I have been sometimes called “Brain” because I’m always learning. Actually, its mainly because they mispelled Brian. Funny story – back in grad school, I received an embossed chemical catalog with the following imprinted name: Dr. Brain Metzeer. It happens frequently and everyone named Brian in the world can relate.

I could not do these businesses on my own!

It’s actually a team operation and there are some crazy talented people I have teamed up with along with having great mentors along the way.  You are invited become part of that community.  It’s a great place to be in business today. Actually, there are some businesses I know that are so simple, yet can be pretty lucrative. These businesses involve leverage.

What you need to know about Brian Metzger

What really drives me is a passion for teaching and coaching. I can’t keep all this knowledge bottled up to myself. I have to share. I wrote my own mission statement years back that captured my desire to help people reach their dreams of independence and financial goals through online marketing, starting businesses and growing them. It’s not easy but it’s possible as long as you hang in there. There are no short cuts, and when in doubt take the high road.

A few personal details…

Like I mentioned, I am a lifelong student. I like to read about business, marketing, selling, copywriting, psychology, personal development, investing, and more. My sport is tennis, and I like to try anything at least once.

Some of my favorite authors are James B Stewart, Michael Porter, and any autobiography, But I like to kick back every once in awhile with a good Robert Ludlum spy novel or even a movie.

I don’t watch TV much outside of live sports or news because there’s always something to do, but if I do watch anything, it may be on Hulu while I work on my various websites or house chores ( you read it right, I do house chores to relax- I can’t be on the computer all the time).

Lets be clear, I’m an education advocate. Who else will improve your life than you? One of the secrets to success is seeking wisdom. I stayed in school all the way to earn a PhD in Chemistry from Montana State University. While working at Applied Materials (Ticker: AMAT), I honed my skills across multiple disciplines such as sales, marketing, product management, and finance. My friends and family would concur that I am always learning something new, checking out library books, researching topics, or more recently attending seminars. I believe that it is better to learn from the mistakes of others than repeat them yourself.

When it comes down to it I am a loyal person. As this site name claims, loyalty is very important and it must be earned. There is no other way to build a business without it. We hear it all the time: brand loyalty, customer loyalty, and employee loyalty. This word has so many appealing synonyms – allegiance, faithfulness, fidelity, devotion, integrity,  and commitment, just to name a few.

It feels good to be good, right?

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Thank you… and do come back to keep up with the cool stuff people are doing to make a living online.


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