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Internet Marketing Short Game and Long Game – How to Build Your Business to Last

What’s up?

I saw an email from a friend the other day that may have talked about his golf game.
I’m hanging out on a cold, frosty day after getting the kids to school.

I hope you’re having a fantastic day too.

Listen, so I have heard from many of my readers that they would like training about something that I think
is really important to getting results online.

And also something many entrepreneurs get all backwards and in knots and it messes them up.

So to use a golf analogy, it’s about knowing the difference
between your “Short Game” and your “Long Game.”

And knowing why both are very important. It is what I love training my students at Empoweredecom.

It’s a quick lesson with a video by guy that knows a thing or two about
online and social network mastery. In fact, I met him about two years ago at an internet marketing conference
related to attraction marketing.

Here is the first video:

Now lets compare your business leads to golf. You have a short game and a long game


Here is a standard question: “What can I do NOW to get a lead and convert a sale?”

I’ve bought leads through advertising and I know people who get on the phone with people asap daily.
I carved out time to actually serve them like a consultant and help them in their questions and problems.
to paraphrase other peers “I just gave, man… I gave daily”.

I bought solo ads, did email marketing and tried a bunch of different advert strategies to have “TODAY LEADS” and
Another successful strategy is to ask every single optin lead to call you or to request a callback
so you can begin bonding and having conversations as soon as humanly possible with people that are interested in your business offerings.

If you position yourself at a trusted authority, it is proven that trust eventually leads to sales if you have the right audience.
I then used the Alpha Leverage of my PRODUCTION and the fact that I was getting leads and sales and THAT was my “Lead Magnet” in my “Long Game” content marketing posts…

So I was all about NOW ACTION in the beginning and that gave me the RESULTS to fuel into my #2 “Long Game” below……..

“What can I do daily for the rest of time to make sure I build a LEGACY and put out enough value and
serve enough for so long that business ends up finding me daily.
Start today on both games.
There are no short cuts. None.
Just go to work.
Find the time. I get to work late at night after I spent my time with my family and gave them my full attention.
No robots. I hate robots for “social” marketing.

Have ads.
Do email marketing.
Buy traffic.

Put on your Social game… I am on instagram, twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn.
I just roll up your sleeves and serve.

Enjoy them and if you have any questions, just let me know.


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