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Home Based Business Leads – Don’t be a parasitic worm

Home Based Business Lead Generation Tactics

The do’s and don’ts of online lead generation.


Sort of a funny title, isn’t it?

But what do you think people think of when they hear the word

mlm or network marketers?

While you think about that, lets change the game to science.

Home Based Business Lead Generation is a Science


When we think parasites, we think bad, right?

parasites add no value to your life.


They just want to take, take, take.


And so it is with most people trying to build a home based business and

also those trying to finds leads to make a buck online.


They abuse people, lie, cheat, and do anything

to take, take, take.


You guessed it.


Do you think they really care about you?


They are gone once they get the money.


So it’s rare when you find a parasite that

actually helps its host.

There is new research that found some parasites

excrete a sugar beneficial to humans.

This sugar can help with obesity.


The irony….


Meanwhile, when it comes to building an list of prospects,

it is much better to give to them than receive. You need to establish

trust with your leads before you can recruit them into your business



For example,  a women (no name) messages me on skype and asks what I

do.  Now if she had been trained by some of the top leaders, she would have

kept asking.

But her motive was to recruit me into her primary business.


Too soon.


She comes off like a parasite.



Can you see the analogy.

When it comes to generating leads for the home based business industry,

you don’t want to known as a parasite.

A great mentor in the direct sales industry once told me that

you really keep your business to yourself. But also not to

be a hermit.

So what do you do?

You ask them questions and listen. The more questions you ask

and the more you listen, the more they will like you.


Dale Carnegie taught this almost a hundred years ago.

It still applies today.


Don’t be a parasite.

Carpe Diem,




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