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MLM Recruiting: Three Tips to Stop Pitching and Start Guiding Prospects

MLM recruiting was very different ten years ago. Traditional MLM recruiting methods taught by internal leadership teams were the only real approach to duplicate your downline. The information was carefully controlled in presentations; uplines managed the process and prospects were given information on a need to know basis. Now, however, the power has shifted to the prospect.

The New MLM Recruiting Model

People interested in business opportunities have access to more information from more sources than ever. The internet has empowered people to search for answers in their own home. They ask questions on forums, get answers from blog posts, read article reviews, do side by side comparisons, and start conversations with people they have friended on Facebook, all on their own terms, and all on their own time. In fact, research shows that 25% of all purchases start with an Internet search, so it makes sense that decisions to join a MLM business will be influenced by internet searches as well.

MLM Recruiting will difficult for those who are unable to adapt to this new system of prospect behavior.  So, you have to adapt your network marketing lead generation and MLM recruiting process to this new prospect behavior.

Three Tips to MLM Recruiting

1. Know that in MLM recruiting, prospects expect to be educated, not sold to

Potential mlm recruits are using the Internet to get information about the business and product offerings in advance of joining. They are looking for a deeper, more detailed level of information, and they expect the MLM recruiting process to be facilitated by an excellent leader.

Forget about the “just sign them up quick” MLM recruiting process. Instead, focus on understanding what your prospect is looking for.  In some ways this blog is about MLM recruiting using attraction marketing. Treat your leads almost like a friend. For example, if the lead typically wants to watch the presentation via a webinar, provide it. Content that is highly accessible  to the prospect (because they control their time to get answers their questions) will be perceived as valuable.

The more helpful the content you provide, the more the MLM recruiting process positions you as trustworthy in the eyes of the prospect. Provide them with information that helps them create a vision for what it would be like to work with you and how it solve their problems.  How would they not love you for it?

2. Remember when it comes to mlm recruiting, prospects are listening to what others say about you and your company

While potential recruits  are coming to your site to learn about you, they’re also looking for validation from third parties. Just as in other decisions, where a person will decide to only stay at a hotel with favorable Trip Advisor reviews or visit restaurants with amazing Yelp posts, Network Marketers that don’t participate in this form of marketing, and facilitate these reviews are less likely to make it to the short list. Asking your team for reviews and testimonials is easy, and even those in a mastermind that know you, but are not part of your MLM, may be happy to give their opinions on your leadership capability.

3. Understand that prospects are more informed earlier in the MLM recruiting process

You must identify the influential industry sites that your mlm leads visit and implement a MLM recruiting plan to create a presence on those sites—whether by sharing relevant content or joining in the conversation. The increase in the amount of online sources means your prospect is substantially more educated than ever.

You need to change your mlm recruiting process in response. Prospects no longer have to wait for hotel meetings or business opportunity presentations in someones home to get a better understanding of the opportunity your company offers. Many times, prospects may not even be looking for a business opportunity. Instead a better approach is to be found during your prospects internet search to a problem and find you as part of their daily search of the blogosphere looking to get smarter about what they do.

When the prospect does reach out to you, they’ll most likely be better prepared than even a year ago. They may even come to the table towards the end of the MLM recruiting system with specific expectations in terms of the business relationship. Nothing is worse than a network marketer trying to “pitch” an educated buyer. Now is the opportunity to transition the MLM recruiting “prospectors” and “closers” in your upline to helpful “guides” who better match up with your prospects’ behavior.

And that’s why you have to reconsider the traditional offline mlm recruiting methods. No, we don’t mean to permanently stop using offline methods. Just change your approach to that of a Sales Guide. Help your prospect find a direction. Show them the way.
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What is a MLM recruiting Sales Guide?

Borrowing from the book, Fire Your Sales Team Today!, by Mike Lieberman and Eric Keiles, here is one of their examples to help you visualize their concept of the new Sales Guide position. I picked this because it is applicable to MLM recruiting. The story is about taking a four-day rafting trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Imagine your family has decided to take that once-in-a-lifetime trip, and chances are you will go on a guided tour and not venture out on your own because you really want a special experience, not a risky one.

To begin the process of choosing a river guide company for your family vacation, you could ask friends and colleagues for referrals, i.e. if they have been on a similar a trip or if they know anyone that has. In lieu of a recommendation, chances are you research companies on the Internet by searching “Grand Canyon Rafting Trips” or “Colorado River Rafting.”

You find many companies that offer the service, but you also find review sites like Trip Advisor that provide third-party comments and ratings on the various rafting companies. That leads you to visit the company websites that seemed to meet your expectations. You watch videos on their websites, read testimonials of previous customers, and check out trip packages. After you have done your research, you might even reach out to a few companies by phone or email before you make your choice.

Here is where your sales guide approach is effective.

The Grand Canyon Tour Company assigns a guide to you. The guide queries your needs to discuss the trip and your preferences. How many people will be going? How many have done a trip like this before? Would you rather sleep under the starts or in tents? How old are the children in your party? How well can everyone swim? Do you want to walk or ride down the canyon? And so forth.

Can you see how this approach is more effective that hard selling. After going through 50 more questions that all help to create the right trip for your family, the sales guide makes a recommendation on the right course of action. Furthermore, you develop trust in your guide. So when the package with pricing is presented, you feel comfortable that this is exactly what you want. No negotiating, no demands for discounts, and the shopping around is over. The most significant reason for a successful close is that you and your guide have co-created your trip. This shared ownership brings with it shared accountability for the quality of the trip and the costs associated.

Can you see the correlation to MLM recruiting?  This is an extremely important element the the new model of MLM recruiting. As prospects in this new era of internet marketing, we want to be guided, not sold. The challenge is changing the way you approach the mlm recruiting function in your company.

Carpe Diem,
MLM Recruiting

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