develop exponential loyalty just by the way you treat your downline

Treat Your Leads like Customers and Your Customers like Friends

Here is one marketing truth you must understand: People buy when they are ready to buy, not when you are prepared to sell. So, just because your lead is not ready to buy today, does not mean they aren’t still important to your business. After all, today’s leads are potentially tomorrow’s customers, or next month’s or next year’s.

Treating your leads like customers ensures they will come directly to you once they are ready to buy.

What happens when you have that mindset. It may sound somewhat conceited. You have hundreds of thousands of customers. They just might not be buying from you today. But, whenever you talk to any prospect, think to yourself, ” This is one of my customers .” You may not even have a chance to tell them what your business does before you have categorized them as ” Customer ” in your head. Lots of times it is your professed value of this person that causes them to want to learn extra about your business … and often earns you another customer!

Similarly, treating your customers like friends is going to dramatically increase your customer loyalty. But, rather than expand upon this concept, just read a customer testimonial that a well known company received from a customer.

” I really feel that your company, as a whole, shows that you all care about your customers and really want all of us to succeed, whether in helping us with our business or using the training itself. You make me feel like a part of “one big family ” and you’re not just out trying to sell us and that’s it .”

Final closing statement: Customers are often capricious; friends are usually loyal.

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