Recruiting top talent into your network marketing team

Recruiting a Big Downline: Are you Signing Top Recruits?

I wanted to share with you an idea that I had this morning because today is national recruiting day national signing day for colleges across country. This is a big day for the college prospects and their intent to join top level athletic programs.
The radio sports talk shows are abuzz with all the headlines about who is signing who in the largest Division 1A football programs. In that spirit, I wanted to draw some comparisons to network marketing.
There is a lot of overlap between what these college coaches have to do and what you do in your own mlm program.
They need to go and get the best players.
How are you going to recruit the best talent and secure them your program?
For the past several months, the football coaches have been in living rooms belly to belly with top high school prospects. Just like in network marketing, it takes hard work to get the best players.
Here are three things that I thought would make an interesting comparison

1. The brand. If you are a university and you are trying to create a successful football program you will try to hire a head coach that will help. You look for a brand name coach. Consider Ohio State University. They fire Jim Tressel due to a scandal.  The University brings in a coach with a stellar brand. A brand that that players would want to study under. Obviously, you have to pay for the brand but they knew that coach Urban Myer will be able to build a successful football program.

2. Talent: they have a system which might not work for every player. They need to be selective in who they bring into the program. Do you know the type of talent you need to your system?
3. Always recruiting. The top coaches are trying to recruit ten key players on what they call their short list. It is their best hope that they land eight out of the ten. Even if four turn out to be busts, they still have four powerhouse players.
Are you building your brand as a leader? Do you know the type of talent do you need?
For example in MLM, if you are building your home business doing traditional off-line methods, such as home parties, or hotel meetings, you need to draw people that are fun. They have large circle of friends and love to entertain.
such a big deal bring people order of you can usually have good enough to a few
If that is not a good strength of yours and your close friends do not have magnetic personalities, then I would say don’t even try off-line recruiting methods because you will struggle to trying to recruit people.
So with online methods you need to understand a lot strategic marketing. You will need a website presence.
Some people that can care less about a website, so you going to want to make sure that when you would build your business around people that do. There is more to the whole online recruiting method. You can read posts around this blog to put the pieces together or sign up for the 7 day course over on the right to learn the best approaches to attracting a big downline.
You can  really leverage your time with online recruiting methods.

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