building your email list through facebook and twitter

Email List Building: Five Steps to Leverage Social Media to Attract new Subscribers

In this article, you’ll learn five ways current marketing leaders are using social media can help grow their email subscriber list and how you can implement the same strategies.
How social media approaching can help you better target subscribers
It goes without saying that Facebook and Twitter are great channels that marketers can use to reach new audiences and socially interact with consumers.
Unfortunately, both community networks are also undeniably “the wild west” when it comes to marketing tools. A common refrain from people is that they can spend hours and hours
doing twitter and facebook without results. Often that leaves a person questioning if the social media work is worth the time investment.
Furthermore, it is difficult but not impossible to segment and personalize your communications effectively using either one.
and even your most enthusiastic fans and followers will likely not read lots of of your messages.
The automation and spamming that permeates  Twitter timelines makes it almost inevitable that your followers will miss a number of your tweets. And Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm can prevent your posts from appearing in your fans’ News Feeds if you’re not creating content that’s consistently motivating to them.
Those facts make a good case for the need to write compelling content. These problems also underscore the value of converting your social media followers into opting into your email list. The you can have an opportunity to build a relationship through email that is not getting lost in the facebook news feeds and twitter timelines.
As people who have a authentic, spoken interest in your products and services, your fans and followers are the just right targets for this strategy.
By recruiting your community fans and followers to your email lists, you can forge deeper relationships with them by offering more personalized and targeted material than you ever could via just social media.
You can also increase the likelihood that your communications will be read when you are coming into their email in-box.
Here are five steps to accelerating your email and SMS list subscriptions using community media.
1. Attract additional fans and followers
Publicize your presence on Facebook and Twitter in your stores, on your website, and in your ads. Facebook ads are an additional cost – efficient way to get additional fans. Entice people to ” fan ” or ” follow ” you by offering them exclusive satisfied they won’t find anywhere else, and emphasize giveaways and discounts.
One study found that 37 % of Facebook users ” Like ” fan pages just to receive coupons and deals. ” Liking ” ( Facebook ) or next ( Twitter ) you is a lighter commitment for customers than opting in to your SMS or portable lists. By acquiring communal followers and offering them applicable deals, you can help them see the value in joining your lists.
2. Convert fans and followers into subscribers with an opt-in web form.
Dedicate a facebook tab on your Facebook fan page that links to a  Web form where visitors can complete to join your email list, and tweet a link to your form on Twitter. To grow your lists quickly, offer incentives, also known as ethical bribes, for filling out the opt in form. Several internet marketers are using some form of attraction marketing system to help generate those tabs. You can click on the link in the top header to learn more about the most popular lead generation system being used in the market.
3. Ask people to text for a coupon or offer
Invite your Facebook fans or Twitter followers to text for a particular offer. In return, ask that they join your SMS or email list, while emphasizing their ability to unsubscribe at any time. MAny small businesses are learning that text messaging can be a powerful way to connect with the local community in terms of driving traffic to their store.
4. Run a sweepstakes, Affiliate Contest, or another variety of promotion
Sweepstakes, voting contests, and trivia campaigns engage followers, and they also allow you to add them to your email or SMS lists as the price of entry.  The organizers of the No Excuses Summit recently ran a voting contest to select speakers for this years event and the engine driving the contest was Facebook.
5. Reach new audiences using referral bonuses
Rewards for referrals – a widespread tactic old by your preferred daily deals sites – can be a commanding tool for accelerating list growth beyond your existing fans and followers.
Ask all new subscribers – right on the confirmation page they get after signing up using your Web form – to refer their friends to also join. There are several wordpress plugins that offer this form of unlocking bonus material by referring others to the website and signing up themselves.
By attracting your social fans and followers to your subscriber lists, you can develop a universal profile of your most excellent customers across all digital channels. Over time, by analyzing your fans’ and followers’ responses to diverse communications, you will be able to determine the type of deals each prefers and whether they respond more favorably to an afternoon tweet, an early – morning email, or a midday text.
Ultimately, that information will enable you to create the kind of highly personalized offers that inspire customer loyalty and repeat business.

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